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Annual Meeting Student Award Winners

2011 Annual Meeting Student Awards (1st $150.00; 2nd $100.00; 3rd $50.00)

Oral Presentations

1st Place. Loren Stearman, University of Central Arkansas. Life history of the redfin darter, Etheostoma whipplei, in central Arkansas (with Ginny Adams).

2nd Place. Brook Fluker, University of Alabama. Spring-adapted species as a model for understanding the genetic consequences of aquatic habitat fragmentation (with Bernard R. Kuhajda and Phillip M. Harris).

3rd Place. Mark Hoger, Austin Peay State University. Inter-seasonal movements of Etheostomatinae darters in Yellow Creek and Whiteoak Creek, Tennessee (with Rebecca Blanton).

Poster Presentations

1st Place. John Johansen, Tennessee Tech University. Development of species-habitat models to inform conservation planning for freshwater species covered by the Cumberland Habitat Conservation Plan (with Hayden Mattingly).

2nd Place. Laura Stewart, University of Southern Mississippi. Body shape and burst-swimming performance in the F. notatus complex: a tale of two tails (with Nathan R. Franssen and Jake Schaefer).

3rd Place Tie. Zachary Martin, University of Florida. A preliminary investigation of the morphological diversity of genital papillae in Etheostoma and its association with spawning behavior.

3rd Place Tie. Matthew Wagner, Austin Peay State University. Utility of amplified fragment length polymorphisms in a phylogeographic study of the redband darter, Etheostoma luteovinctum (with Rebecca Blanton).

3rd Place Tie. Christopher Yates, Kennesaw State University. The effects of urbanization on food sources and gut morphology in largescale stoneroller (Campostoma oligolepis) (with Troy Mutchler and William Ensign).

2010 Annual Meeting Student Awards (1st $150.00; 2nd $100.00; 3rd $50.00)

Oral Presentations

1st Place. James Roberts, Virginia Tech. Extensive dispersal of Roanoke logperch inferred from genetic marker data (with Paul L. Angermeier and Eric M. Hallerman).

2nd Place. Andrea Fritts, University of Georgia. Development of a nonlethal approach for assessing stress in freshwater mussels (with James T. Peterson and Robert B. Bringolf).

3rd Place. Brook Fluker, University of Alabama. Genetic divergence and sympatric occurrence of the spring inhabiting coldwater darter (Etheostoma ditrema) and an undescribed stream inhabiting form (E. sp. cf. ditrema) (with Bernard R. Kuhajda).

Poster Presentations

1st Place. Kerstin Edberg, Saint Louis University. Genetic isolation as a result of dam construction: a look at the effects on two species of darters (with Philip Lienesch, Jeffrey Marcus and Robert Wood).

2nd Place. Jane Argentina, Virginia Tech. Genetic structure and diversity of variegate darters (Etheostoma variatum) in the Big Sandy River Drainage (with Paul L. Angermeier, Eric M. Hallerman and Joanne E. Printz).

3rd Place. Andrew Taylor, University of Georgia. Dispersal of non-native smallmouth bass in the Chattahoochee River (with Douglas L. Peterson).

2009 Annual Meeting Student Awards (1st $150.00; 2nd $100.00; 3rd $50.00)

Oral Presentations

1st Place. Brook Fluker, University of Alabama. Comparative phylogeography of Etheostoma boschungi and E. tuscumbia: assessing habitat preference and dispersal ability (with Bernard R. Kuhajda, and Phillip M. Harris)

2nd Place. Mollie Cashner, Tulane University. If you build it, who will come? Differences in spawning assemblage structure between Nocomis micropogon and Semotilus atromaculatus

3rd Place. Clint R. Johnson, University of Central Arkansas. Population ecology and habitat use of the invasive northern snakehead (Channa argus) near Brinkley, Arkansas (with Reid Adams, and Ginny Adams)

Poster Presentations

1st Place. Daniel J. Farrae, University of Georgia. Evidence of a source-sink population of shortnose sturgeon in the Altamaha and Ogeechee rivers, Georgia (with Douglas L. Peterson)

2nd Place. Robert A. Bahn, University of Georgia. Sturgeon bycatch in the Altamaha River shad fishery, Georgia (with Douglas L. Peterson, and Joel Fleming)

3rd Place. Audrey M. Richter, Morehead State University Bioassessment of a recently restored headwater stream in Rowan County, Kentucky (with D. J. Eisenhour)

2008 Annual Meeting Student Awards (1st $150.00; 2nd $100.00; 3rd $50.00)

Oral Presentations

1st Place. Brianna Zuber, Tennessee Tech University, Cookeville, TN. Fluctuating asymmetry and condition in fishes exposed to varying levels of environmental stressors (with Jake Schaefer)

2nd Place. Rich Harrington, Yale University, New Haven, CT. Phylogeographic analysis of the Barrens Darter, Etheostoma forbesi

3rd Place. Rachel Katz, University of Georgia, Athens, GA. Estimating darter survival and temporary emigration in a Piedmont bedrock shoal during record low-flows (with Mary Freeman)

Poster Presentations

1st Place. Jennifer Schade, University of Alabama in Huntsville, Huntsville, AL. Investigations into the Relationship between the Steroid Hormone 11-ketotestosterone and Reproductive Status in the Fish Lythrurus fasciolaris (with Bruce Stallsmith and Amy Bishop)

2nd Place. Ben Keck, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN. A new species of Nothonotus darter from the Caney Fork River and paraphyly in its sister clade of N. microlepidus and N. sanguifluus (with Thomas Near)

3rd Place. Tyler Black, Tennessee Tech University, Cookeville, TN. Ecology and Conservation of the Blackside Dace, Phoxinus cumberlandensis, a Threatened Stream Fish in Kentucky and Tennessee, USA (with Jason E. Detar, Brena K. Jones, and Hayden T. Mattingly)

2007 Annual Meeting Student Awards
(1st $150.00; 2nd $100.00; 3rd $50.00)

Oral Presentations

1st Place. Mollie Cashner, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Tulane University, New Orleans.
Genetic Characterization of the hybrid zone between Notropis chiliticus and N. chlorocephalus in the Catawba River system.

2nd Place. Brook Fluker, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa.
The influence of historical gene flow and contemporary population translocations on genetic diversity in the endangered watercress darter, Etheostoma nuchale, inferred from multiple microsatellite DNA markers (with B. R. Kuhajda and P. M. Harris).

3rd Place. Michael Sandel, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa.
Conservation genetics of metapopulations: A case study of the spring pygmy sunfish (Elassoma alabamae).

Poster Presentations

1st Place. Kevin McAbee, Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources, University of Georgia, Athens.
Spatially realistic models aid management decision-making for a federally threatened species (blackside dace) in the face of geographically varying stressors (with N. P. Nibbelink and J. L. Long).

2nd Place. Gregory Anderson, Odum School of Ecology, University of Georgia, Athens.
Reproductive aspects of three darter species (Percidae) within the Etowah River Basin (with M. M. Hagler, S. J. Wenger, and B. J. Freeman).

3rd Place. A. Karen Persons, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg.
Ecomorphological shape variation within the darter subgenus Nothonotus.

Note: SFC Judges acknowledge the tradition of including academic mentors on presentations; however, the body of work is assumed to be that of the student.